Saturday, 30 June 2012

Project: 30 Days Journal Challenge

This is the last of my journal and I really can't believe June is over, where did the days and time go! Its been a month full of rain with a little hint of sunshine but now I hope that July will be full of lots of sun especially since on Thursday I'll be spending the day at the seaside and Friday at a sculpture park... it will be really appreciated on those days!

Day 23: Today I want you to fill an entire page in your journal with one of the elements of art. (Here they are: 1. Line 2. Color 3. Shape 4. Space 5. Texture 6. Form)
day 23
I decided to do one continuous line, I could probably have done it fancier but with working on this journal at night, my brain wasn't up to thinking.

Day 24: What is your most favorite place in the world? Is it a country, a town, a room, a secret place that no one else knows about? I know you have one, I want to see it!!
day 24
My desk in my bedroom. I one day hope to have a little office in any house that I own but of course that may soon disappear if we ever have children.

  Day 25: I want you to think about your day today. If you had to describe to me in one word, or one short phrase what would it be?? Us this phrase or word repeatedly on your page, trying out new fonts
day 25
Monday to Wednesday is usually a long day and next year it will feel even longer if I'm expected to work with the children through their lunch and having mine before or after (or even split). I'll need to discuss that.

Day 26: Today you are going to write out your favorite recipe!! This can be written, illustrated, cut and pasted, something. It is always really good to document these small little pieces of your life. Don't you think?
Supposed to be making dinnerVegAll that veg cutting resulted in this
I used to watch Ready, Steady Cook after work and one day one of the chefs made a mixed vegetable pasta with egg. Basically boil your pasta, cut your veg and put it altogether with a beaten egg. Cook it on the hob to cook the  bottom and then place it under the grill to cook the top. Eventually it turned into me just simmering the veg and boiling the pasta. Adding them both together and topping with cheese and sticking it in the oven to brown on top. My siblings preferred this way so it stuck but I don't make it often enough as its a pain to cut all that veg.

Day 27: If you could change one thing, what would it be. This could be something about yourself, your situation, your city, your country, the world...anything!!
day 27
I'm curious to know what funky career choices you'd like to make.

Day 28: What are you most looking forward to? This can be something tomorrow, in a month, a year, or way into the future :)
day 28
Day 29: Today I want you to write a letter to either your past self, or your future self. What are some things that you wish you would have known in the past? What are some things that you want to remember in the future? Write yourself a love letter today!!
Day 29
A letter to my 20 year old self as I decided to just take 10 years off. My 16 year old self was just floating through life oblivious to life really.

Day 30: What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals?
day 30
This will be the last project I will post on this blog, all my others will be posted on my Bubbles blog. I have however not completed my July project yet as I've ended up getting caught up in reading and spending time with my niece. Hopefully I'll get to blog about that soon.

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