Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project: Inpiration

With hardly having received letters for the last 2 months I have hardly been to the post office which has resulted in me also not going to the library but as my sister needed me to post a card for her I decided to take my niece to the library. This also meant that I could leave another envelope somewhere so decided to choose a book from their new book range as I always head straight for that section when I managed to settle my niece down to enjoy the children books. My niece really wanted to borrow a book on Tuesday so I let her and decided on Thursday to return it. Whilst there I decided to check the new books and they were left exactly how I had left them on Tuesday in a big mess... so no one had even looked or taken the envelope. Hopefully they have by now!

I choose this one to go in the book because it has text on the paper. I also managed to start using my new frame rubber stamps on the front of the envelopes.

I've nearly finished decorating all the envelopes that I have created so far so I really need to make an effort to leave them in some of the following places....
  • bus stop
  • cafe
  • toilets (hopefully disabled ones but usually those are locked here and those who are in a wheel chair have to try and contact someone to open the door).
  • a weight loss section
  • a flower garden
  • bicycle
  • milkman
  • and any other random places that come to mind.
I am enjoying this project but I haven't even had the chance to sit down and start any of the projects I had hope to do. This time of year is usually exhausting and long at work.

I hope that you are enjoying viewing these envelopes and postcards so far. Have any of you found them inspiring enough to try something out on your snail mail envelopes?

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