Friday, 27 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

You'll be happy to know that towards the end of this project I started to get reckless and not care that people were around me so close whilst I was leaving my envelopes. There was a lady with her family to the side of me trying on shoes, there was someone behind me and all around me really but this envelope went so well with these sandals that I couldn't help but leave it here. So in it went, I took the photograph and moved on.

Its really weird as up until my last 7 envelopes I didn't want people to see me or see what I was doing with my envelopes but with these last ones I really didn't care anymore. Maybe its just the fact that one or two of my envelopes are still where I left them and also the fact after leaving so many envelopes I haven't received a single e-mail its made me reckless in the hope that someone will if they spot it straight away or wonder what I'm doing. It hasn't worked as all 30 envelopes are out in the world. I've actually decided to create one more to take it to 31 so that there is one for each day even though I left most all in one go as it difficult to make an effort to go out daily.

Live Simply
Dream Big
Be Grateful
Give Love
Laugh Lots

Have you bought any fancy sandals this summer?


  1. nope no new shoes I prefer barefeet

    1. Aww I love bare feet but I wouldn't get very far if I went outside due to the tarmac.


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