Monday, 3 December 2012

Project: Christmas Postcards

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I've blogged about 6 postcards so far but I haven't even posted one of them yet! I went today and asked the man at the post office for some airmal stickers. He got me one sheet... erm... Can I have some more please! He looked at me really weird so I explained how I'd made my own Christmas cards this year and that I'd bought my stamps online as I know he doesn't stock that many. He just went thats so true as I use the printable labels more these day and I could have found a way to stick them on your postcards... yikes!!... they are half the size of the postcard so he would have had to stick them on the front the way I'd written the addresses. Also I already couldn't believe that he had stuck the postage label for my lovely letter on my cat when I'd actually left a space...he stuck the air mail sticker there instead. The only reason I know this is because my partner had posted a photo on her blog. I'm not there when he sticks the labels on as he does it all later when its much quieter, the women do it whilst I'm there and are usually really good with my stuff. He's a really nice man and so good with my niece, I haven't taken her for some weeks now and he keeps asking about her.
Do you have good postal workers?


  1. nope mine kind of is a debbie downer she hardly smiles or has a nice thing to say

  2. This man used to be like that, always rushing, he even serves a 3 people at once at different counters... since about a year ago he took a shine to my niece so is really cheerful now.


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