Friday, 29 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Couple~

Day 29: Couple(s)
Day 29: Couple(s) #doodle #doodleaday #doodleadaymarch #couple #birds #tree #branches #nest #egg #leaves
I love silhouettes of birds and when I saw this I decided I could do a fun silhouette with couples in various ways including a couple of eggs in a nest. The ideas are always there but I can't always draw them the way I want.
If you would like to take part in next months challenge it has already been posted so that you can plan ahead. You don't have to be part of Instagram to take part as you can always blog about it like I'm doing.  I'm in 2 minds about whether or not I'll continue as I have holidays for 2 weeks so is not like I don't have the time. Have you enjoyed what I've posted so far?

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