Monday, 18 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Kitchen~

Day 18: Kitchen
Day 18: kitchen I would love s set of novelty salt and pepper shakers, these are some that I gave away on my blog
I didn't know what to draw for this one, there are just so many things that represent a kitchen but would I really want to draw a sink, cooker or even a freezer? After sitting and thinking for some time I decided to draw a novelty item! I just look kitchen utensils that are shaped like something, I own a whisk with an egg on top, a peeler with potatoes etc... one thing I haven't bought and would love is a novelty salt and pepper shaker, this pair are ones that I gave away on one of my blogs!
Creative 009
I had wanted to use crayon but decided not to as I was in a hurry to have a bath so just did this super quick colouring.
What kitchen item would you love?

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