Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Project: Elevated Envelope

This week I finally received the last of my Elevated Envelopes and I'm completely blown away with this one. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too. I do have a collage of the photos but I'm going to show them individually just so you can see exactly how amazing this envelope is. I'm in love!

The theme she choose was black and white...
It travelled all the way from Canada and the stamp fits in so well with the whole theme as you'll find this wonderful animal at this location...
. Untitled
The circus! I need to know what my partner used for her envelope as it was such a thick and sturdy envelope but also did its part by being see through also. I really didn't want to open it as it looked so good but I did and this is what was inside.
. Untitled
The tent is so cute and was folded in a lovely way that again I couldn't bring myself to open it but the curiosity got the better of me.
. Untitled
Inside was like a little booklet. My partner loved the book 'The Night Circus' so got her inspiration from it but also she copied part of the first chapter in to it for us to read which I liked the sound of but I haven't yet bought as I purchased about 8 books this week already!  I do want to read it so will one day buy it.
There was of course a little note also but you didn't need to see that... for my eyes only as always!  I am really quite disappointed that this has come to an end but I am glad I only took part in 4 envelopes instead of the 10 that was another option.


  1. so cute you are so talented

    1. I didn't make this one, it is one that someone else made and I really like it.


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