Sunday, 14 April 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Magic and Liquid

Day 13: Magic
Day 13: magic A great assistant whose willing to be chopped, usually with an insane costume and the usual magic tricks #magic #cards #poker #money #hat #wand #hair #colourful #tricks #doodleadayapril #doodleaday #doodle #envelope #snailmailrevolution #sna
You may remember that I had an idea for Day 11 which was Electronic but I thought it was Electric! Well I was going to do this idea with the Electric Hair... instead it worked out for magic as that is always an insane assistant dressed in a skimpy suit prancing around with blonde hair usually but mines got Electric hair instead with her magicians items floating through it, how unfortunate it. I don't want to draw an Electronic item as who would want that through the post so I'll just miss that day out altogether.
Day 14: Liquid
Day 14: liquid I used a correction pen to draw a pen which usually contains liquid #liquid #correctionpen #pen #stationery #envelope #doodle #doodleaday #doodleadayapril
I decided to take liquid to the next level and use a correction pen to draw with but it was a horrible process as I don't use liquid correction pens even though I insanely bought this once to use and it was too messy then. I prefer correction tape as its already dry. I had to keep it simple for the messy reason as I would have hated to have done something complicated and then blobbed all over and a pen does contain liquid after all.
I go back to work from tomorrow so this will probably be my last doodle this month but I hope to continue doodling again at some point as I have enjoyed it.


  1. I like the electric hair assistant, might have to get that hair!!

    That was pretty good doing all these doodles tho!


Thank you for your wonderful comment.