Monday, 23 December 2013

Project: Christmas Adventure!

I'm on another mission of leaving things around my city for people to find. This time I targeted toilet cubicles and for 1 card I left it in a shop on a shelf so I hope its found. I wanted to stick to the indoors as all it has done recently is rain but also this time I didn't want my items flung to one side, blown away by the wind and for no one even to look at it because life's too busy. The only time a person will take a minute to reflect (and stare at the back of a door) is in the toilet. You'll understand even more when you get to the end why I needed people to notice, take but most of all open my envelopes.
Take 8 Christmas cards....
and 8 decorated envelopes...
Write what ever comes to mind! I have to admit I wish I had planned this bit much better but I just couldn't think straight at the time in what exactly I wanted to do. In reality though I don't think the person who find them will care.
This time I added in a £1 coin for the person to treat themselves. At Christmas time we only seem to rush around worrying about gifts for others, what they need/like and food to cook but never take a minute to think about what we need. Thanks to £1 shops you can spoil yourself with anything, I have no idea of cafes in Bradford as to what they charge as I only went to one in my life which took my sister and I ages to find. Its however closed now. This is the reason why someone needed to find and open my envelopes as it would be awful for a £1 to go to waste.
This bit was so last minute as I didn't think the card was inspiring enough, its like I said I wish I thought it out more but as I didn't I quickly made these up to feel inspired and loved this season. To finish it off I also added confetti or snowflakes into the envelope.
I guess you could call it A party in an envelope!

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