Sunday, 1 December 2013

Project: Christmas Postcards

I didn't at all imagine this year that I would end up making any type of Chistmas postcard. I even came across these cute die cuts but still I wasn't motivated to do it. So in the end I had to force myself to sit down and make something which I did.
I stuck mostly to these items that you can see which resulted in me using every bit of paper I used and not to waste anything. I'm like that anyway which is why my paper pads last so long but also I have a basket full of scraps which annoys me something rotten as it always falls over.
I do however like some postcards more then others but the main thing is that the person receiving them will like the one I send.
Untitled All wrapped up and ready to go tomorrow! #christmas #christmasstamps #postagestamps #stamps #seasonal #festive #snowflakes #candles #snailmail #snailmailrevolution #sendmoremail #mail #royalmail #british #penpal #letter
For those receiving a letter or a birthday card with their postcard I've ended up decorating the envelope too as I have so many die cuts left. This candle one I didn't end up using at all on postcards as it can only really fit in to a corner like this. As you can see I used some scraps for the snowflakes and the address label. I will try and use as much of my Christmas paper as possible on the envelopes because my last pad lasted 3 years and I still have some left! so I'm extremely sick of it. I don't understand why they don't make these papers more colourful.
Anyway you will see on here up until Christmas day at least.
Are you crafting too at the moment?

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