Thursday, 5 December 2013

Project: Christmas Postcards

As I mentioned in my first post, I have used every bit of paper possible when creating my postcards and decorating my envelopes. Whether I punched snowflakes or holes neatly or not into the paper, I still used them as it just adds a little something to your item whilst being eco-friendly too.
And another decorated envelope. I always worry about not having enough space for addresses. I've no idea why I didn't order some £1.28 stamps. I hope that the post office will have some. #envelope #snailmail #sendmoremail #mail #snailmailrevolution #snowm
I don't know how I end up making things fussy when just wanting to stay simple but its fun seeing the end result of an item and hopefully its appreciated when it lands on someones doorstep.


  1. it is wonderful, and will be so fun to receive! better than bills any time

  2. Thanks and I think anything is better then bills :)


Thank you for your wonderful comment.