Thursday, 31 May 2012

Project: Photo A Day

With it being the last day of this month I decided it was best to post the last of my photo a day challenge today. I have had so much fun with it and it will be weird not thinking up new things each day so I may one day do this again, I'll have to see as I've got quite a few projects in mind that I'd like to do.

Day 26: 12 o'clock
Day 26: 12 o'clock
I had just finished putting my washing out and was about to start writing a letter...

Day 27: Something Sweet
Day 27: Something Sweet #photoadaymay
This I bought for my niece as she asks for a Gingerbread Man every time we go shopping. I don't always get her one and I think she only wants one because she likes the book.

Day 28: The Weather Today
Day 28: the weather today
It was 15c at 7.30am so my niece and I were outside with the bubble machine. Its still really warm despite us finally getting some rain.

Day 29: A Number
Day 29: numbers
It's sometimes worth it to work in a school!

Day 30: Your Personality
Day 29
I'm comparing myself to an ice-cream! Colourful, Generous, Full of Surprises, Creative but the brick work tells you of me being dull and disjointed in places.

Day 31: Something Beautiful
Day 30: Something Beautiful
The children went to my favourite park today and I thought I might sneak a quick photo of the building in as something beautiful but it just rained all day so I was glad that the very first thing I'd got a photo of was this even though it wasn't quite how I wanted it. I still think its beautiful even with the giant puddle.

What are your plans for the weekend?

By the way if you're interested in doing this Photo a Day Challenge
Fatmumslim has posted the new list already


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