Friday, 25 May 2012

Project: Photo A Day

Only one more week left to go, I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by. Considering they said that May was going to be our wettest month, its proved everyone wrong by us suddenly having the best heatwave... its absolutely brilliant and I spent a lot of time outside these last couple of days.

Day 19: A Favourite Place
My bedroom always was and hopefully always will be my little place to get away from it all. It isn't as much as it used to be with my husband going to bed so early but at least I get most weekends to myself to still enjoy that me time.

Day 20: Something you can't live without
#tea & #biscuits we used to share one pack between 4 of us and loved looking at the pictures on each one. Great memories!
Tea and biscuits is something that we have grown up on. These biscuits are ones we ate tonnes of that my dad ended up buying boxes full of packets rather then just a couple of packets. My sister used to share out each pack equally and it was fun to see what pictures we got. I never ate them for years until my recently. They don't taste how I remember but I still like them and now its my niece who enjoys looking at the sporty pictures.

Day 21: Where you Stand
Day 21: where I stand
I went to the post office and this is the area around the ballroom.

Day 22: Pink
Day 22: Pink #photoadaymay
I honestly didn't know what to do for this as I don't have all that much that is pink and I wanted something a little different to footwear and clothes. It wasn't until I got to work that I noticed these flowers through the railings so when I finished work I took this photo. These really stand out around all the green that was there.

Day 23: Technology
Day 23: Technology
Transport is a wonderful thing. This is my younger brothers car.

Day 24: Something New
Day 24: something new #photoadaymay #day24
I went to look at school shoes the other day and whilst at the store I phoned my sister to see if she wanted me to get my niece some new school shoes as the ones she was wearing were a right state. She told me not to as she had a pair at home so I didn't. On Monday my sister comes saying that she hadn't realised how bad her school shoes were but also that the pair she had were too big. She didn't ask me to buy anymore but in her way made me feel I should go back and get her some so I did. My niece saw these shoes on the shelf and wanted to put them on, so with her inside out socks and sandy feet I put these on and they are just so cute...

Day 25: Unusual
Day 25: Something unusual. I'm so disappointed I'll be at work so can't take part as we never do anything for events around here
The Queens Jubilee is going to be an un-usual event. This is going on right on my doorstep but I'll be at work that day so can't take part. Its a shame as they hardly ever organise events around here.


  1. Tea and biscuits yes I can remember my mum having tea and biscuits of an afternoon me I perfer hot chocolate and biscuits I don't drink tea or

    I love pink flowers..............

    Yes the month is nearly over which means it is nearly my nan's birthday she will be 91 on Thursday the 31st.........

  2. I usually have tea and biscuits after work but I have to admit I don't always finish the tea. I love hot chocolate but I'd end up as big as a house if I drank it everyday.

    You mentioned your nan not being well but I hope that you will be able to do something nice for her all the same or even pop down like you normally do.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.