Friday, 11 May 2012

Project: Photo a Day

I really can not believe how quickly 11 days have flown by as I only started this last week which makes it all that more difficult to get my brain around.

I am really enjoying this Photo a Day even though I'm disappointed when searching the entries that not everyone takes photos themselves but use ones from the internet to make them up. It just shows that you can take part in anyway you want if you aren't able to see the thing that fits in correctly.

Day 5: Bird(s)
Day:5 birds
I went in to the city that day and would you believe I didn't see a single bird! I wasn't sure what I was going to photograph until by chance I went into WHSmith and noticed a whole range of address books with birds on and at that time I didn't realise that I was only meant to have a 'bird' as there were some with just one but my favourite was this one which is why I choose it to photograph.

Day 6: Fun
Spoon people
We went from colouring to doodling and my niece asked me to draw around her toy spoon. I did this and started doodling faces and clothes on to them. She asked me to draw some more and she created these above which are so cute... it was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs. This book was an old diary I had but didn't get to use as I got one as a gift too. I stuck Christmas cards randomly on the pages which my niece loved and enjoyed using until this week that is when I accidently dropped my tea cup on the table and it spilled everywhere. I had to buy her a new one, she wanted pink with princesses on but nothing was suitable so we ended up with green with princess stickers on.

Day 7: Someone that inspires you!
Day7: Someone that inspired you!
She inspires me to bake, try new crafts, go places when I'm so tired, relax at the library.... This photo is now my wallpaper on my phone.

Day 8: A smell that you adore
Day 8: A smell you adore
I could actually think of a lot of smells that I adore but they were just not available... the smell of baking, ripe fruit, flowers, freshly cut grass, line dryed clothes...... this is what I have in my handbag at the moment because of its size. Its a smell that I knew I would like as its one my sister wears so I associate it with her... I have to be careful with perfumes because some are just so strong and could have my nose and eyes streaming in seconds so perfume wouldn't have been my first choice.

Day 9: Something you do Everyday
Day 9 something you do everyday
I decided to go with the first thing I see when I wake up to the last thing I see at night as I look at this clock often enough... On the morning of taking this photo the sun was streaming in and I thought I'd overslept so forced myself to open my eyes and it was 6.04am...grrr... I didn't sleep after that for clock watching. As for my glasses I could not survive without them as I'm short sighted.

Day 10: Favourite Word
Day 10: favourite word
is such a simple word to describe so much....

Day 11: Kitchen
My older brother works nights so some days he isn't quite asleep when I get up so will come down to spend some time with our niece but also to eat whatever he can find in the cupboards. There was even a day when he ate my sandwiches that I've made for work as he thought they looked so good.... one day this week he woke up and I ended up making us both crumpets which our younger brother had bought but thankfully he didn't mind us doing that.


  1. I would also be disappointed if I were participating and then noticing that other people just use photos they found on the internet. I mean, that's not what this project was about, right? Or at least, I understood it the way that you should think about one thing a day and take a photo of whatever that may be, let it be something inspirational or whatever.
    Take care!

  2. I thought the same thing as you, that it would be 'a photo a day', when I saw this game I didn't know it started from Instagram which is actually all to do with taking and editing photos so doesn't make sense even more to me. Still I'm enjoying it which is the main thing along with another project that I am doing.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.