Friday, 18 May 2012

Project: Photo A Day

Here are the next lot of photos which I had so much fun thinking of what to post for each theme. I wish I had more time for each one as I may have done something completely different but I hope you enjoy them anyway....

Day:12 Something that makes you HAPPY!
Day 12: Something that makes you happy
Day 13: Mum
Day13: mum
Day 14: Grass
Day 14: grass
Day 15: Love
Day 15: love
Day 16: What I'm Reading
Day 16: what I'm reading
Day 17: Snack
Day 17: snack
Day 18: Something you made


  1. those croissant look so good and i love cloud watching

  2. They were lovely to eat too and I never realised before how fun clouds are to photograph when you can actually see them.

  3. These were great! Have you read The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo? I read it many many years ago and it was a challenge since I know no French but I really enjoyed it.

  4. I haven't read it yet but I have it on my Kindle. I've decided to wait until a holiday now until I read Les Miserable as it will take me forever to read it with only reading a little every night.

  5. It looks so lovely and spring like where you live!
    Believe it or not, we just had snow again. I know - it's crazy!

    But next week the forecast promise sun and spring. Fingers crossed :)


    1. It looks it but on the day I took the photo of the grass the wind was blowing so strong that I really struggled and it took ages to warm back up again... it mostly rains but if not its really bitter. Still I guess its better then having snow as I really don't want that now, it would be so disappointing for May.

      I hope that you do get Sunshine soon.


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