Saturday, 7 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

This envelope as you can see I left in a shopping trolley. I came back and it was gone. I love how this one turned out and I especially love these postage stamps, I do however really need to look into getting some new postmarks in a variety of countries. This one I'm using is only for France.

I've really enjoyed working with these small square images, I've had them for such a long time that I think I may have to think of a project to use them.

Do you have any ideas?


  1. Any ideas............well no not this morning my brain doesn't want to work that I do like the envelope I think anyone who finds one of your envelopes would be a lucky person

    1. I would too which is why I'm surprised no one has rushed to let me know what they think, I guess some of them will take some time to be discovered with being hidden out of sight.

      If you think of anything just let me know :)


Thank you for your wonderful comment.