Friday, 6 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I had planned on only posting one more envelope at the supermarket but ended up taking another 2 as I decided I would post one on someones car whilst I'm there as its easir to go unseen here then if I was on a main road somewhere. It has only just rained, the clouds seemed to have cleared to a lovely white. I stuck the envelope on, spend 30 minutes in the supermarket and when I came back out it was still clear... Yes! So I thought until I went to the next store and whilst in there it suddenly poured it down, that you couldn't even hear yourself think. I actually felt a little sick as I'd actually gone back to my car to put my shopping away and was actually disappointed that the owner of the car hadn't come back yet.

I went back to the car in the pouring rain, I was strapping my niece in when I heard some shouting behind me and I turned around to see a lady (driver) and man (passenger) get into the car. The lady pulled it off and got into the car with it... I was worried she'd throw in there in the car park. She opened it and looked at it despite it being soaking wet. I was actually so pleased that the colour hadn't run as that was my first thought when the rain came down. Now I at least know where one of my envelopes went. Whether they kept it or not is another thing.

I did however forget to put a 'for you' sign on this one but I don't think it mattered. Do you agree?

Do you think the quotes that I've used so far are ok?


  1. Hey Bubbles,
    I think they do look great :)
    And yes, I do like the quotes.
    Didn't you say you had thought about putting them in zip-locks or something? This also might have been helpful here!
    Take care,

  2. I didn't think about the plastic covering until the night I left this envelope, if I had it would have been one less thing to think about when walking away.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.