Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

A lady can never get enough handbags! So I had to put one in as a bit of fun, I actually first put it in this bag and then decided to put it in a completely different one but in reality who knows if it will get picked up at all in the bottomless pits our handbags seem to be.

It's really odd that this year I have got more aquainted with Dr Seuss as the only book I knew of his was Cat in the Hat. Then this year I came across 'Oh the places you'll go' and suddenly I realised he has quite a world of books out there that I didn't know. Also since doing this project I've come across a lot of Dr Seuss's quotes and really like them. I would have ended up using them all if I could as they are just my kind of thing but of course I didn't in order to continue with variety.

Do you have a favourite author?


  1. This is my favorite so far!

  2. i love Dr Seuss as well he had a lot of great things to say

  3. Yeah, same here. I just discovered all these other Dr. Seuss books I didn't know about after watching "the Lorax" - which is a personal favorite of mine


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