Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I decided to continue with the theme of clothes and popped this envelope in to a cardigan pocket  in the shop. Its a ghastly looking cardigan but I've seen people wear them and they look so good. Anyway as I walked away a lady picked up another nasty looking cardigan on the same rail so I hope that she noticed this envelope in the process. It's fun thinking of un-usual places but they are also not very obvious ones so can take people some time to find and even then they may not want it. I should be going to the supermarket on Wednesday so I hope to take a peek into the book to see if that one has finally gone.

Do you have any favourite quotes?


  1. one of my favorites is "Life's short play naked"

  2. A favourite quote well right at this moment I can't think of one so do I have on I have no idea.....but onto the topic of cardigans damn I have seen some horrible looking cardigans around and I wonder who designs these things and who buys them.............not me that's for sure.....


Thank you for your wonderful comment.