Saturday, 21 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

Some of you suggested leaving an envelope in a cafe, we have a lot more in the city now compared to once upon a time but when I went into the city over the weekend they were all quite full with people and I felt a little awkward leaving them there. In the end it came to my mind to leave one in the supermarket as they have a restaurant section which would be easy to leave an envelope in. Instead I went to this store first, I originally left the envelope close to the till but then I spotted this really cute decoration of a coffee shop and just had to leave it here. I went a couple of days later and it had gone.

It's quite fitting to post this today since it is the first day of fasting for most people in England (some people kept their first one yesterday with Saudi Arabia).

Do you like going to cafes to enjoy a coffee or other hot beverages?

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