Sunday, 29 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I was writing all my notes to people on make my day and thought these note papers would be brilliant for another attempt at leaving an envelope at a cafe. So I created it but when looking for quotes I came across this one and I just had to use it as it would still make a person feel good from laughing so much. I went into the city on Tuesday and as I mentioned I was quite reckless, there were people sat at the cafe tables outside and I just walked up to 2 little ones on the side, popped the envelope down and walked away with people staring at me... oh my! I didn't care though which was the main thing.

Have you had the chance to sit out in the sun lately and enjoy a nice meal/drink in a cafe?


  1. haven't had a meal or drink in the lovely sun but have laid on the hammock and read

  2. No I haven't had the time to enjoy the sun at a cafe but then that is not surprising since I am always broke and have no money to go and enjoy some quite time at a cafe catching up with family, who I see all the bloody

    I think the quote would be great on a card and left in a cafe........


Thank you for your wonderful comment.