Monday, 30 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I think I may have left two envelopes together in one of the last couple of photos because I have no idea where I left this one and I would have had a photograph if I had left it anywhere. So this one is somewhere out in the world but I've no idea where.....

I have created one last envelope which hopefully I shall leave somewhere today to take it up to 31 days but my mind keeps thinking of new places to leave an envelopes so I may keep a list and when I think of another 30 or 31 places then I'll do it all over again.

Have you ever had a memory lapse as to what you have done with something and for the life of you it never comes back to you... what was it?


  1. I would tell you what it was but I don't remember I think it is because I got hit on the head as a baby with a Ok that really did happen but has nothing to do with me forgetting stuff that has to do with having so much in my head some things just get pushed aside to make room for more

  2. oh no! and there was me Jo-Anne thinking I could rely on you. Maybe next time when there isn't so much to think about:P


Thank you for your wonderful comment.