Monday, 9 July 2012


On Saturday I went in to a store and saw those trousers that are hanging up in the photo above, I really liked them but had no intention of buying them as they are always so long. I took 2 off the shelf because after all you need to try the best size that fits and the lady in the fitting room turned round and said 'oh do you realise you have two'... of course I do I'm not an idiot (some may argue this!) they are 2 different sizes.

I went in, left an envelope in the changing room, even tried a pair on to kill time since I had 2 and as I imagined they were far too long but the feel of them was so nice! I hope someone picked this up pretty much straight away.

I'm sure you can see from my drawings why I'm not a fashion designer. The dress on the postcard looks more like a space suit which wasn't the intention at all but hopefully whoever finds this will like it. 

Do you ever try on clothes with no intention of buying?


  1. Yes yes I do sometimes I will see a nice dress or skirt and just have to try it on even though I know it won't fit me.....or I can't afford

    1. I probably would try on most clothes if I was in to wearing them but because I'm not I just look at them. These I decided to try in order to kill some time as it would look weird if I walked straigh in and straight out again.


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