Monday, 16 July 2012


You are Beautiful!

What more can you tell a person who is drinking this stuff? I actually put this on the shelf whilst my sister had her back to it, I quickly took a photo and wondered if it would fall off but it seemed to stay for about 10 minutes. Then I guess someone walked passed and it fell down, I was at the counter and could see it from where I was, I thought someone had taken it so quickly only to realise it had fallen. At that point a man and his partner were walking down the aisle, I thought he was going to wheel his trolley over it and flatten the seal, thankfully he saw it, picked it up and.......put it back on the shelf! Goodness! He didn't even really look at it, wouldn't you be quite curious seeing an envelope decorated like that with stamps? I know I would, I'd flip it over and look at both sides. Ladies make your men more curious about such things :).

The thing is though when this idea came to me, I had really wished that we had £1 notes instead of coins as I would have loved to have put a note in to each envelope and told that person to treat themselves because they deserved it. Sadly we don't and putting a £1 coin in would have made it too bulky but still imagine if I'd put a life changing amount of money in that envelope and this man just put it back on the shelf. I wish someone would give me a life changing amount of money, I'd continue doing projects to make peoples days!

Are you lucky enough to have a flowery garden at your end of the world? Unfortunately any bit of blooming the plants here wanted to do have been drowned by all the rain and blown away by high winds when there is no rain. Can't win either way really!


  1. i tend to kill flowers of any kind but baby boy has some nice tomatoes growing

    1. I've never really tried keeping them so its nice that I've done well with this plant. Oh tomatoes sound great, I'm sure they'll come in handy when cooking.


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