Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Over the weekend as I mentioned I went from one end of the city to the other looking for a present that never seemed to surface but in some cases at least I managed to leave some envelopes behind. I was going to leave my envelope at a bus stop on the main road from where I live but with having left so many in the supermarket already I really wanted to choose somewhere different so that my envelopes make their way to different locations. Well would you believe the bus stop that just seemed to be in an appealing location happened to be the bus service that would take me home!

When I used to work at the opposite end of town, I used to get off at the bus stop that I would then catch my bus home from which was on the next street so of course since that time its changed to this location and I didn't know when selecting this empty bus stop (which minutes earlier had been bursting with people). I decided to stick the envelope on anyway and hope that the first person to arrive at the bus stop would take it.

Do you still use public transport?
I do sometimes but I just find it so much cheaper to drive and park for free.


  1. where I live we don't have buses or taxis so no I don't but when i lived closer to town I would walk everywhere

    1. I'd be lost to not have access to public transport if I needed it. I do miss it and the contact you have with strangers but like I said its cheaper just to take my car.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.