Friday, 24 August 2012

Project:Take Some Love

Creating some take some love sheets, have space for a feel good sentence e.g you are beautiful! Please can you help me with some moreAll done! Now just needs positive words between hearts #hearts #love #take #tape #washitape #words
I forgot to share the finished 'you are...' I haven't left them anywhere yet as since Monday all it has done is pour with rain... I'm going to try and leave them out and about tomorrow #love #take #praise #project #hearts #words #typography #washitape #sh
I saw this on someones blog and decided to do my own version. Being me though it can never be simple. I started with just the love along the bottom but it looked plain so I added the hearts and then decided to add the feel good words....
Spreading #love around #Bradford #toilet #sculpture #atm #shopfront #hearts
1. Disabled Toliet door 2. A sculpture 3. ATM machine (someone has taken one) 4. Handmade in Bradford Door.
One more #love to leave, #lift #bus #pillar
5. A lift 6. The bus 7. A pillar 8. I asked my older brother if he'd let me put it in his car but he said no... I thought he'd be up for it. I now need to leave one more. Probably won't survive #parkingmeter #love #hearts
The final one at a parking meter.
I had wanted to make 10 but mis-calculated when creating them and decided that actually 8 would be plenty. I may make some of a different design later.
I've put my e-mail address on the back of each strip since I had created one for last time so maybe this time I'll get people getting in touch.

If I do what type of e-mail do you think I should leave in return? Something to do with love and maybe a quote do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. It is and was fun to create but not so easy to leave around.

  2. Awe, yours look beautiful! Hope they get back to you! If they do, I think you should tell them something positive kind of a fortune cookie phrase, maybe?

    1. Miki I don't think anyone will as that night it absolutely poured it down so those outside will have got soaked to tatters or blown away. The ones indoors I knew if they weren't taken the cleaners would remove them.... I feel really disappointed.

  3. What a wonderful idea, love it seeing something like this would make me feel good, and I would take one and email you but that is just how I

  4. Amazing project and amazing idea!! :)


Thank you for your wonderful comment.