Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kerri Smith 100 Ideas~35. Give away something you love~

I am going to stick this photo in my journal for 35. Give away something you love.
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I received this Russain Doll Ornament in a swap via Swap-Bot and absolutely loved it. It has been sat on my desk ever since. Recently I created a Russain Doll theme birthday present for a friend and found this mug that matched so well with the ornament that I had to pair them up and send them off together. It was such a hard decision to give it up though as I didn't want to part with it.
Have you ever given something away that you love?


  1. I gave away my necklace with a little angel pendant. I looked everywhere for such a necklace and ever since I found it, it was my favorite. I gave it away to a very close friend of mine, to give her some strength, It was a very hard decision to give it away, but a good one!

  2. Sure I did:) I think that when we look for gifts we subconciously choose something that is the coolest in OUR opinion... So many times I bought sth I liked so much I'd like to keep it for myself but the duty and love for a friend made me give it away;)

  3. Well, isn't there a saying to only give something as a present that you really would like?...something along those lines! I want them Russian dolls!!!!

  4. I don't know if I would have been able to part with teh Russian doll as it is just so cute...........


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