Saturday, 5 January 2013

Project: Lovely Letter (Optional Package)

At the end of Lovely Letters (probably at the same time as the final task), you can take part in an optional package exchange too. The package exchange is a chance for you to put together a special gift for someone (who will be allocated separate to your letter exchange partner) and receive one in return. The value of your package should be $20-$30 including packaging. Please express your interest in participating in the package exchange on the sign up form.
UntitledWrapping #presents and making #origami #stars still have many more to make
I signed up for the optional package of the lovely letters swap. However when the time came I never got assigned the partner, Shell was brilliant and passed me on to Nat but then all went quiet and I never heard a thing. By this point I wasn't well so I just put it down to everything happens for a reason and didn't push things. Only in the week before Christmas I get an e-mail saying that I will get a partner after all as someone else didn't get a partner either. I e-mailed my partner and it turned out she was in the UK also so we decided after the bank holiday we will post out our packages.
From what I could gather my partner liked books, theatre, letters and kawaii so this is what I sent...
#books#nailpolish #artdeco#chocolate #christmas #selectionboxBought 3 of these, 1 for me, a friend and for a swap. I've always wanted one #letteropener #letter #snailmail#stationery #letterset #tape #letterpad #kawaii
  • I know they say don't judge a book by its cover but unfortunately its always the cover that I'm attracted to. These books though from there blurb sounds so good that I didn't know which one to choose so bought all of them...
  • A girl can never have too many bottles of nail polish, I tried to go for unique colours as it looks nice on top of the block colour underneath. Two are glittery and 3 are plain.
  • A girl can also never have too many chocolates... I love all these Cadburys range so I hope my partner does too...
  • I bought 3 letter openers, one I kept for myself and 2 I'm giving away as its a fun thing to have.
  • Lastly stationery to write a great letter on. I haven't got all that much stationery left that I've bought myself so it was a really hard choice in what to send. I picked these so hopefully my partner will like it.
I was going to make a card but decided to use one of these cards I picked up at the craft shop as they are quite fun for notes I've written so far...
#notes #snailmail#notes #snailmail #lovelyletter
The thing I did make however is lucky stars, I would have loved to have made a lot more but it is a time consuming hobby even though they look great. I think they are such a nice thing to find on opening the box. I have finished about 5 packets of them now so will have to soon consider buying more.
I ended up sealing the box and wrapping it up to go on its way...
Now I'll wait patiently for mine to arrive so that I can share it with you...


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    1. Thanks, I hope the person receiving it will like it too :)

  2. I am sure they will love everything! I always come across these lovely events a little too late... ;)

  3. your blog gave me so much inspirations for my own letters, thank you :)


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