Friday, 18 January 2013

Project: Lovely Letters (Optional Package) #2

This time I'm here to share what my partner sent me as part of my optional package. My older brother picked it up from the sorting office this morning along with a package of his own otherwise I would have had to wait until Saturday to get it if the weather was right to travel otherwise I would have had to wait until Wednesday! So I'm glad I didn't have to. Anyway are you ready to see what's inside? I'm sure you are anxious to see what I've been getting lately....
On receiving this box I wondered if the contents inside was the same as the picture on the box which I have to admit wouldn't have been my thing so I was a little relieved to see this...
After seeing this contents I decided to wait until I came back from work to open them all which is was very hard to do but I wanted to take my time and appreciate what I received... It's really funny as I had wanted to wrap my presents in brown paper and write little comments on each one but I felt rushed for time with having agreed to send it out that week so stuck to wrapping paper. I've always loved this idea when seeing it on various blogs. That rubber duck tape is so cute and totally my thing... I looked all over for rubber ducks when my niece was born and now they are all over the place.
As you can see I got totally spoiled and I'm really loving the neon range lately and wish that I could get away with wearing it. There isn't a thing that I don't like or can't use even though my niece has pinched the penguin earrings and was insisting on wanting the fluffy owl pen but I didn't let her keep that as she had a Disney Princess one like it which means there are only so many that she can use.
I came across Dr.Seuss 'Oh! The Places You'll Go!' book which I loved but most of all the idea that goes with it which was to get the adults teaching your child to sign it at the end of the school year with something inspirational. Since then I've done my Project: Inspiration and have come across so many of Dr.Seuss quotes which I loved them all but there are still many that I haven't liked this one... The card that I received in the photos above this one I will turn in to a little book as it seems as shame to give it away. I'm now working on a project for my niece with Dr.Seuss quotes which I'll give to her when she's a lot older.  

Also even though I have a whole sheet of rubber stamp clocks. I think you will see a lot of these stamps on my projects as they are the right size but also look great. I can't wait to create something with them.
Postcard sized Neon card... amazingly amazing! I only tend to use white so this will be so much fun to use colour in some form. I actually have a project I wanted to do this month but with not being well haven't got around to it but now I've got no excuse. Maybe I was just waiting for these to arrive!
I can think of lots of fun things I can do with these pens, I just love coloured pens! Then again what stationery don't I love!
Such fun! My next snail mail project should be this Valentine Handmade Card Swap! I'm already looking forward to it. Do you think you'll take part in it?


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