Monday, 11 February 2013

Project: Journal

When writing to my friends we often talk about all kinds of things. I mentioned doing a few journal swaps which got my friend curious but she was worried about talking part in a swap as we've both had some awful experiences with it. In the end I decided to create a journal for her.
I bought a pack of books from Wilkinsons and used one of those to create a journal. I wanted a fun and funky writing style so purchased a stencil set which I loved using and you'll probably see it a lot more often....
Created a #journal for a friend.
I tried to be adventurous with my questions and I hope my friend will enjoy completing it. I have a task almost on each page but where I don't I've left space for my friend to either draw or use creative lettering... I'm sure it will look fantastic when its complete.
Do you enjoy taking part in journals?

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