Thursday, 14 February 2013

Project: Valentine

The point of the swap is to make pen pal friends, and -- of course! -- to send and receive lovely handmade stationery. cards don't need to be made entirely from scratch but should include some type of handmade element -- be creative and have fun with it! write a message inside, too (don't just send a blank card).

Hearts are just something that I don't craft enough with and often feel quite overwhelmed when having to do something with them as I don't know where to start so when I came across this swap I decided to take part in order to challenge myself especially with having to make 4 card! I don't celebrate festivals but I will exchange a little something if I feel up to it so Valentines Day this time turned out to be something like it... its only since I had make my day did I actually remember this day was around the corner in order to offer things on that blog.
I challenged myself to make 4 different cards which was indeed a challenge as it took me some time to get everything to fall in to place but I think they turned out ok in the end and I hope my partners enjoyed everything....
Even though I'd planned on sending my postcards without an envelope I had to in the end due to the gems etc... Its lethal me sending things in an envelope as I either end up going over the top or adding in extra things. In this case it was the extra things, I included an origami heart and 3 half made origami lucky stars.

Due to me getting over excited in creating my postcards I didn't think to write on the cards first and then add all the chunky bits so I ended up using a sheet of Diddl Scratch and Sniff chocolate which fitted in so well to write a note so my partners did get a blank card but got a lengthy note instead.
So far I've received 3 of my 4 cards which arrived in good time....
Cards I received #handmadeval I hope you all have a great day #valentine #cards
The first 2 pictures are the back and front of a card which was about the size of a poker card, The brown card came with a little handmade heart which I'm guessing is like a pencil topper as it has a pocket on the back and the last is a rainbow of hearts.
I have to admit with this swap I was quite disappointed. Its not the decoration of the card but the size and lack of wow in opening the envelope and card... To.... Happy Valentines Day...From... I was thinking I could have received a card like that from anyone... oh yeah! These cards are just from anyone! Obviously not in to a little chatty conversation, asking how one is, what they are doing for Valentines etc... I'm even one whose happy to read about ones weather in a country also. Its a good job I guess that I wasn't looking for a friend to write to as the idea of the swap states but even more that I stuck to that A6 sheet of paper (front and back).
Hopefully like they say, save the best till last... I have one more envelope to receive and I saw a sneaky peek on Instagram when I clicked the like button only for that person to reveal we were partners and one of those cards was for me.
Do you celebrate Valentines Day?
 Did you get anything nice?
15.2.13 The last valentine I received via #handmadeval  #card #snailmail #valentine #hearts
As I mentioned I had a feeling the best is still to come and this was truely it. A fun card with a super chatty note. It was such a joy to read and receive.


  1. Sorry it has taken me a while to get here traffic was heavy, I got stuck at every set of lights and the ferry broke my

    Anyway I am here now and have to say love the Valentines cards very nice, mine was uneventful gave hubby a card and a box of chocolates he gave me love the

  2. Don't worry about it as its not as active as I'd hoped this blog to be but I am working on a few projects at least which is also why make my day is some what quiet also.

    As for Valentines Day we should create a club as my husband got me nothing either, I don't mind though as I've never done anything special for it.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.