Sunday, 24 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Open~

Day 24: Open
#aliceinwonderland #postcard #snailmailTo go with the postcard I posted before this #aliceinwonderland #envelope #snailmail #decotape #silhouette #teapartyDay 24: Open! The one I showed before really lacked something even though I wanted to keep it plain so I continued with the silhouette theme and pink. #doodleadaymarch #doodleaday #envelope #aliceinwonderland #bottle #open #drink #snailmail
Doing projects like this really make you realise how quickly time is flying by, it has been a lot of fun and very thought provoking that I'm tempting to do it next month also as after all I'll have holiday for 2 weeks of it. I'll see though when the time comes.
Today I sent someone on make my day this Alice Postcard, its just such a nice postcard. I decided I wasn't going to spend 87p or £1.28 without getting my mail to the full 20g so needed an envelope to go with each one to add in a few extra. This one as you can see I decorated to the Alice theme by using Alice deco tape and then I copied part of the Alice on the postcard (the head is different). Then I needed to do something for the open theme for doodle a day, I thought of so many things as usual (an open sign on a door, opening a container, present etc...) but I decided in the end to keep it simple and decorate the back with drink me and a bottle to open! The pink looks so much nicer on the actual envelope then in the photo as its so bright.

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