Saturday, 23 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Vintage~

Day 23: Vintage
Day 23: Vintage I thought of so many characters I wanted to draw but in then end I went with these 2 as I loved to watch them as a child and often wonder why they never come on anymore! Popeye should really have been one I drew. #doodleaday #doodleadaymar
I've no idea if these are vintage but since I feel quite ancient and its something that I watched as a child I guess they will be. When I originally sat down to doodle something for Vintage my mind could only think of cars, clothes and jewellery... oh! What to draw? Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Brave Heart winking at me and it came to me that I had drawn a girlie themed items for Brave so why should I not draw something male associated for this theme in cartoon form... HeMan, Popeye, Turtles.... after some thinking I decided to doodle Super Ted and Banana Man just because they were 2 of the cartoons I quite enjoyed as a child and often wonder what ever happened to them.
I also gave Brave Heart a much needed colouring yesterday night and I love how it turned out...
After so many great comments I decided to colour my #braveheart in for my #doodleadaymarch
What cartoons did you enjoy watching as a child?

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