Saturday, 16 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Sweet and Door~

Day 15: Sweet
Day 15: sweet #candylaces #candyfloss #sweets #sugarcubes #millions #doodleadaymarch #doodleaday #envelope #snailmail
I didn't do a doodle yesterday even though I had the time to but I really wanted to read instead and I didn't think it would hurt to post two doodles today.
I decided I needed to really start decorating some envelopes in order to post some of the postcards out which I'm offering the chance for people to receive on my make my day blog along with other postcards that I have. If you would like any why not pop over and 'shout make my day!'
Anyway I thought of so many things that come under sweet but in the end I decided to go along the lines of taste. I've got laces, candy floss which I've only ever seen sold in bags and boxes but as a child when we used to go to the fun fair they would be sold on a stick, sweets and sugar cubes. On the back of the envelope I drew a bun.
Day 16: Door
Day 16: door I would love my house to have a black wooden door with a fancy letter box and a vine but first I need house #doodleadaymarch #doodleaday #door #letterbox #plant #snailmail #envelope
I did think of many things with a 'door', a vehicle, a dolls house, a battery area on a toy etc... but I couldn't be bothered doing any of those and I didn't want to just draw your usual rectangle shaped door which is when I decided to focus on the letter box. I actually was going to do a simple side slot letter box next to the door but when I came across this design for a letter box I had to have it attached to the actual door and doesn't it look great. I'm such a fairy tale type of person as I imagine a beautiful black door with a gorgeous letter box, a plant on the doorstep and a climbing plant up the side of the house... oh and one has to have the picket fence right? I'd love the dulux style dog if only someone else would take care of him/her.  I love how this has turned out though :)
What would your dream home like?

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