Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Distance and Instruments~

Day 1: Distance
Day 1: distance I decided to recreate this one with something different. Distance a letter travels, distance you can see with a telescope, distance vintage and new items travel to reach is, the distance we search for hidden treadures
I posted a postcard yesterday for this theme but I wasn't completely happy with it so decided to recreate it. The idea I had was completely different but when I sat down to doodle it I realised that idea would be best used for a different one of the themes so instead this one came to me.
The distance a letter travels.
The distance you can see in a telescope.
You use a watch to measure distance when one is running.
The distance we travel with books to read on our travels etc..
Vintage items have travelled all over, over the years.
The distance a feature has travelled with a bird.
The distance we travel looking for treasure.
Of course there is so much more....

Day 2: Instrument
Day 2: instrument. A compass is an #instrument used to measure direction. I was going to draw a more complicated one but decided this will be much more fun to use in my crafts.  My pen ran out last week so I went in search of some new ones I came across t
I didn't want to do a common musical instrument because I knew most people would be doing that one. So I thought along the lines of useful instruments in a profession etc... I ended up doing a compass as then I can use this in some way on a card etc...
My ink pen was on the verge of running out after all my previous doodles, I have plenty of ink pens but they smudge and spread as they don't dry quick enough but also you can use felt tips long afterwards. I only had one pen that was good enough to draw with and I couldn't remember where I bought it so wanted to go to the local store last weekend thinking I got it from there but with the snow I had to wait until a work day. It wasn't so I stood for ages wondering what to do as none of the pens were good enough. I went away and came back and noticed these pens, you would think I was blind the first time. They have 3 different nib sizes and are of pigment ink so dry straight away, they are so good to draw with that I'm tempted to get another pack in case these finish and I can't find anything like it again.
I've been using watercolour crayons to colour with and they aren't the best with softer nibs which means they run out really quickly when colouring. I asked my sister today whatever happened to a big box she bought years ago and she told me that she gave it away! She kind of regretted it as she didn't think that the people she gave it to used them. In the end we went to the local store and we bought a proper box of crayons. I still need to add a bit more colour the distance one as I rushed it a little since my husband had come upstairs so I'll tidy it up a little tomorrow.
What kind of things would you have chosen for these themes?

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