Monday, 1 April 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Distance~

Day 1: Distance
Day 1: distance. I was thinking 'in the distance' and wanted to do the view out of my bedroom window. I got the proportion so wrong that this is probably what next door can see
I hadn't planned on continuing with this doodle this month but I thought whilst I have holidays I might as well. I decided for this one to doodle the view from my bedroom window, the only thing is when I started drawing it I've got all the proportion so the actual view I could see didn't work out and this is maybe more when my next door neighbours can see. I guess part of the problem is the fact I should have done this drawing portrait.
Here's what I tried to copy minus the snow.
I've had another idea for this doodle theme so I think I'll attempt it tomorrow along with tomorrows doodle.


  1. Landscapes and proportions kill me now. I think you should try to find the perspective point and align all the lines along that point...I never really got the hang of it tho.

    But if you use bold colours and tell people that was the impression of what you saw...then just roll with it!

  2. I don't actually know how to draw in an artistic way. I can just copy things to a point. So any ideas I have I need to look around on the internet first (thank goodness for my iphone!). Then I have to try and get it to fit in which is why it never quite turns out how I imagined. These doodles will be a great way to practise for me and its such a compliment when you're positive about it because you're so good at drawing :).


Thank you for your wonderful comment.