Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Project :Doodle A Day ~Under The Sea~

Day 9: Under The Sea
Day 9: Under the sea. My absolute favourite theme even though I live no where near the sea. #doodleaday #doodle #doodleadayapril #underthesea #treasurechest #rope #anker #fish #porthole #shells
I've been patiently waiting for this theme to come as I just love sea themes even though I live no where near one. We mostly have countryside even though that will become none existant soon if property developers get their own way!
I had this idea on the first day when I wanted to do distance and someone looking through a telescope but then decided that it would be better for this one as it can be someone looking out of a port hole in to the sea. Well as you can see I got the port hole and so much more. I was meant to draw the anker in the place of the treasure chest but when I sat down this morning I kind of forgot that was my intentions and my then I'd colour half of the circle in. Well I was going to have an anker so that got added in which resulted in everything else. I wanted to keep in simple but nice as I have a clean sea and not one where junk is thrown in... saying that though I should have put a message in a bottle at least but didn't think at the time so never mind.
The same applies with all my doodles as before that if you really like any of them just send me an e-mail letting me know  with your address and I'll happily post it to you.


  1. Sometimes the doodle just develops while you are working on it, I never really have it all planned out. It looks really nice.

    I totally want that teacup with the pattern if that is still available...I really want it!!!

  2. I still have it so if you e-mail me your address I will post it out soon.


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