Friday, 7 June 2013

Project: Stamp Scavenger Hunt ~Building and Person~

I did share a photo of my stamp theme on Instagram yesterday but I never got a chance to blog about it.

Day 6: Building
Day 6: Building #oldbailey #uk #british #building #postagestamp #stamp #psjune #postalsociety
I just have such a love for old buildings like this one. You will see many more stamps from this series even though I have used a lot of them already but I just love the images and I really hope to one day visit many of the places.
Day 7: Person
Day 7: Person A new set of stamps out at the moment for the queens 60th coronation. This is my favourite one of her but my set is so blurred #psjune #postagestamp #challenge #scavengerhunt #queen #coronation #stamp #person #royalty #royalfamily
I bought the latest range of stamps created to celebrate the queens 60 year coronation. They show images of the queen of her time on the throne and this one has to be one of my favourites which is why I had to share it.

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