Saturday, 8 June 2013

Project: Stamp Scavenger Hunt ~Nature~

It is so much fun using my collection to fit in with the themes but its getting harder and harder to fit things in as I want to but unfortunately there are no stamps created by me and I doubt Royal Mail will ask for my opinion on this one as they'll be insanely shaped instead of stuck to the usual stamp shame.

Day 8: Nature
Day 8: Nature #castle #trees #river #sky #hillside #british #postagestamp #stamp #narrowwatercastle #uk #psjune #postalsociety
The only downside to taking part in challenges like this is that it really makes you aware of how quickly the days are flying by... or even the year as we are already half way through the.
Anyway I chose this one for the tree, hillside and the river, I could spend hours just sat in a place like this walking or sitting/meditating in the sunshine (if there is any that is!). One nice things about photographing my stamps with this range (as I did it before even this challenge begun), if I've never heard of a place before I can click on the labels and it shows you all photos others have posted but also I find out exactly where it is.

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  1. Bubbles! So good to see you still in bloggy world! Thought I'd stop by and see everyone today! Hope everything is well with you!


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