Friday, 14 February 2014

Project: Valentine

I ended up taking part in quite a few swaps to begin my year. The first was my secret pen-pal scavenger hunt, then handmade val which I took part in last year but as I'm still waiting for a card I decided to blog  about that later and lastly at the last minute I took part in a Post a Parcel Valentine.
Post a Parcel is organised by Nia over at lifeandco. I came across a photo on Instagram for it and decided I may as well stay busy and take part in another swap but also its fun to be creative. I don't know about your part of the world but in mine, Valentine's Day is for lovers rather then friends and family. All the cards and items sold are so mushy as well as inappropriate to send to people you don't know so I tried to make as much of everything that I could. For my parcel I had to create or buy 5 items, wrap them up and send them on there way to .... Australia where my partner lives. I have to admit due to the distance and the postage I decided to stay light with this one but I hope my items were still nice and liked by my partner.
Ribbet collage
I had to firstly of course make some lucky stars with hearts on as they are meant to represent love so I may as well  use them for once for their purpose.
Valentine Keyring
The only thing I came across in the card shop that was neutral enough for me to buy. I did almost buy some chocolates but Australia is so strict with their rules that I didn't want to risk my whole package disappearing. In reality though you get such a small amount of chocolate for such an expensive price.
Valentines Stationery
What all snail mailers need! Handmade stationery to write on and some washi/deco tape.

Of course the tape didn't stop there as I sent this one too...
Valentine Tape
with all my love... a lovely way to seal your envelopes!
Valentine Jig-saw
and many pieces of love! Someone sent me a plain white jig-saw many years ago. Its been waiting around for me to do something with it and now was the perfect time to have fun with it. Its filled with words of love and friendship.
Love Postcard
Spread the love around the world even though this is my A-Z of Bradford that I used.
I finished it off with all 'love' themed stamps in so many different ways... partners, friendship, mother and daughter and any other way you want to interpret it.
Now on to my partners
I received a garland which I love, cookie cutters which hopefully my niece and I will be able to use, due to my partner not bubble wrapping them they are a little squashed out of shape, some jokes, a craft project and a postcard.  I also receive a handmade card.
She spoilt me with many stamps.

I just love putting things together like this and the scavenger hunt as it gets my brain working. I also surprise myself in the idea that come up with even though I can't always get them quite how I imagined like with the jig-saw (I imagined it to be completely different to how it ended up).


  1. Oh, I love these! They sure do look lovely, and I do like how the jigsaw turned out :)
    Also, aren't that many stamps on envelopes and packages just amazing?
    Take care!

  2. I'm glad you like the look of this package. Its nice to see what everyone does with the same theme :).

    Lots of stamps look amazing on an envelope.


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