Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Project: Secret Pen-Pal Scavenger Hunt

This may feel a little like a deja vu moment as I did take part in this already this year and blogged about it here. You may also notice that the package sent to me wasn't exactly what it was meant to be (it didn't really fit the swap rules!).
The host of this swap wreckthisgirl decided to take it upon herself to send me the swap as it should be which was really nice of her.
I'm sure you're curious to know what I got so here is goes...

Something that Represents me
These gorgeous postcards are made by the lovely Fab and if you'd like to own a set you can purchase them here 
Something Quirky
I love un-usual funky things so it will be fun to use this.

Something to Read
I loved this whole plaque, that I am going to have to try and make some myself one day. The quote is from Norwegian Woods which I haven't read so I've saved it on my wish list to purchase if the price comes down a little. Its such a great quote and has pride of place on my desk too.

Something old fashioned
I don't know yet whether I'll use this postcard or if I'll use it in my crafts some how as its such a lovely postcard that it would be nice for it to be used or seen in some way. I'll have to wait and see.

Something for You
A notebook. I've written a couple of notebook letters to friends the last couple of months and this will be perfect for another opportunity to write one again.

Such a great package wouldn't you say!

Well things didn't stop there as I had offered to angel a swap for someone who didn't receive theirs when signing up. I honestly can't understand as adults why we can't commit to something we've promised to do especially when you've received yours. Its something that really makes my blood boil.
Anyway I ended up sending to madamenosenoselovesmail
I finally finished a project I've been working on. Now I can make a start on the Easter card requests and swaps I agreed to send. #snailmail #comic #sendmoremail #showandmail #mail #postagestamps #stamps #vintagestamp #tape #itsamailday #royalmail #britisUntitled
I had planned on doing individually fancy packages like in the past but I read on madamenosenoselovesmail that she has a weakness for tissue paper so I couldn't use anything else could I? It was fun but also such a hard choice in which one to choose to wrap with in the shops but in the end I went for this one as I loved the colour and design of it. The doodles represent me a little as I quite enjoy drawing.
My items revolve around Vintage, Snail Mail and Handmade (where possible)
Something made of Fabric
I went shopping in my holidays and I came across a fan. It reminded me so much of my childhood when a friend bought me one back from Spain and I really loved it. I decided to get one for this swap and I hope that my partner will like it.
Something Traditional or old Fashioned
I had to have traditional British red post box, bus and phone box but the last two are becoming such a rare thing here with being replaced by something more 'modern'. Also some people see giving cards as old fashioned. I know my partner will use them though so I kept them flat in case she wants to use them to post.
Something to Read
I used one of my postal moleskin notebooks to create a snail mail dictionary/fact book. The cover I did end up decorating but not photographing.

The Happy Day Kit
Some chocolate as who doesn't love it,  some cheerful tape, make your own bunting/garland and a take some love sheet.

A Mail Kit
On the day I came across the fan, I bought some sea themed washi tape. I really wanted to use it so what better then making some writing paper. I also choose some water themed postcards, stamped some extra seahorses and shells on dictionary paper and ribbon to tie your letters with. I live no where near the sea, I've hardly seen it (I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've been to the seaside) but I just have such a love or everything related to it.
A gift for you!
Locally in my city there is a store that I just love to visit and could end up buying half the shop. Each time I have been I have admired these pocket mirrors that I thought it would be the perfect thing to buy as every classical book character must have had something like it in their purse to admire themselves. The problem I had was which one to choose as all of them look so nice. The photo just doesn't do it justice but I hope my partner does like it.
This one I had even more fun putting it together and hopefully enjoyed looking.


  1. Thank you so much for being my angel! No worries, I liked it all! The tissue paper :-), the pocket mirror, the envelopebook, happy day kit, etc, all lovely and beautiful!

  2. I'm so happy you liked everything, its such a relief


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