About Me

The person behind the words
  • I'm Thirty
  • I was born in Bradford, England and have lived in the same house all my life!
  • I'm dreaming of owning my own home in 2012 so lets see if that dream will come true
  • I live at home with my mum, my dad passed away in 2005 and there isn't a day I don't miss him
  • My parents originate from Pakistan
  • Pothwari is my mother  tongue so I speak English as an additional language
  • I am married since 13th August 2006
  • I have 1 sister
  • Who has 1 amazingly gorgeous daughter
  • I have 2 brothers who have no children
  • I'm 3rd out of the 4 of us
  • We are all Sunni Muslims
  • I work in a primary school as a nursery nurse
  • I always count the days down until my holidays start
  • My dream jobs would be to work for a craft magazine or to teach adults to read
  • Really I'd love to win the lottery and stay at home enjoying my hobbies. Which is an obsession with all things paper...
  • Writing letters to my wonderful pen-friends which I have done since I was 8 years old and can not imagine life without a letter.... these friends are even more valued then my friends here in person...
  • I love writing paper, stickers, coloured pens etc.... that comes with it
  • I also love to read books...I like chick lit, biographies, horror, crime, adventure, cook books, crafts.... but I really dislike sci-fi, disc world, fantasy and celebrity magazines. I now read all my books on my kindle.
  • I am one of those terrible people who always has to peek at the end of the book before I've finished it!
  • I also love creating things using paper... postcards, greeting cards, paper stars, iris folding, quilling, altered art etc... but as I've mentioned its having the time to do all of this.
  • I want to make more time for my photography... I did a photography course for a year in 2002 where I developed my own photos etc... but life seems to have fast forward since then and I haven't had much chance to focus on this.
  • I'd love to be able to sew using a sewing machine
  • To learn a foreign language,
  • To learn more about my religion
  • To travel the world and its 7 seas...
  • I enjoy listening to the radio and listen to Capital especially Hirsty Daily Dose in the morning.
  • I just have far to many loves so won't list them all here...
  • I can be confident, moaning, loud, quiet... it just depends on the company I'm with
  • I often find myself in situations I don't want to be in
  • My mouth always ends up saying things I haven't thought through...
  • I'm just me I guess!
I hope this tells you enough about the person behind the words of this blog...


  1. I'm so pleased to meet you! I have several Muslim friends so I may be asking you some questions (if you don't mind) so I don't accidentally offend one of them.

  2. Its nice to meet you too and I'm looking forward to reading more about you on your blog!

    I don't at all mind if you ask about my religion/culture and I'll try and answer if I can.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.