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photo Here are some projects I'd love to do.
  1. Take Some Love: I saw this one someones blog  and loved the idea of it. I'm thinking of creating 10 and leaving them in random places.
  2. Kerri Smiths 100 Ideas: I had come across her Wreck This Journal and wanted to buy it but in the end I got it for someone else. I then noticed quite a few blogs taking part in the 100 ideas and I decided this would suit me better as I'd get to create my own journal. Of course there are quite a few that I can't do but still it should be fun. (Working on it!)
  3. More Journals: I've bought plenty of notebooks, I now need something to fill them up with.
  4. A Drawing Challenge: I came by a couple by chance and would like to have a go despite not being such a brilliant drawer.
  5. Make my own Washi Tape.
  6. Christmas Cards
  7. Paint some pebbles and leave them for people to find. Pebbles
  8. 30 Day Recipe Challenge: Find 30 different recipes online and try them out as I really want to try new things and I have quite a bad relationship with food so I want to find that balance.
  9. Make a Notice Board/Chalk Board
  10. Garland/Buntings
  11. Leave something in the same place every day for someone to find.
  12. Decorative Lanterns.
  13. Postpals: Make 30 postcards and send to 30 children.
  14. Decorate old book pages
  15. Hand Carve own rubber stamps
  16. Leave Christmas cards in random places (like Project Inspiration)

There are of course other things I'd like to try but they will come over time.
Is there anything that you would like to try?

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