Thursday, 5 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

As the days go on, I'm getting more and more curious as to whether or not my envelopes have been picked up. I did go to the supermarket yesterday and checked the book I left the envelope in but no one had taken it. I was kind of disappointed but I was also relieved as it meant that I could change the e-mail address in it so that if someone decided to get in touch they could. I'm glad now that I decided to create an e-mail address as at first I was against it.

When I had originally thought of the idea of leaving envelopes stuck to a door, I had thought about someone's home but when I actually started making some of the postcards my mind went first to the Cactus man and then to this door. This one at least would have stayed dry yesterday because that arch way covers the entrance. Last night before I fell asleep I suddenly had the idea that I should have placed these in plastic wrappers, why is it these ideas drop by afterwards? It wouldn't have mattered then if it was left over night. I guess this is something I'll do from now on with all envelopes.

This is such a nerve racking experiment and I actually think my stomach is hurting from the tension of it as I want people to find the envelope by chance rather then because they saw me put it there and wondered what I was doing. Also I have a lot of cards still to make and each one takes at least half an hour but I think its worth it because its turned out to be exactly what I want but also I hope it has that 'wow' factor when people discover it.

Do you think the postage stamps were a good idea?


  1. i'm curious as to how this will turn out what a wonderful surprise to find one of your envelopes

  2. Well if I get any e-mails I may post part of them on here, I'll see when the time comes.


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