Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

Here is the last of my envelopes, I can't believe July is over and we are moving in to August. It doesn't feel like summer at all as the temperatures have dropped once again and I need my wooly socks.... brrr.... I am sad to end this project but who knows I may do it again one day... lets wait and see.

I left this envelope at an ATM machine today, weirdly there was no one behind me when I did it and as I was walking away a lady shouted 'excuse me', I turned round to see her flick it to one side. So this ones probably going to end up in the bin... oh well!

From this project:
  • I was able to test my creativity by doing something a little different.
  • To end up being reckless towards the end and not really caring anymore who was looking or who was not. I would have put this at the ATM even if there were people behind me.
  • To learn from my mistakes.... use a plastic wallet, wait until the right moment to do a project as July was just too hectic for it.
  • That people in Bradford do not get excited by creative envelopes and will not get in touch. Unfortunately I'm here to stay so Bradfords my only creative outlet.
  • I loved doing it and I can't wait to create more random projects like this.
Have you enjoyed this and would you attempt something like this yourself?


  1. This is the first time I'm looking at this blog of yours. I really liked looking through all the different envelopes you created. The quotes were definitely inspirational, and I'm glad you did this project. They were very pretty envelopes w/ beautiful messages! I feel like doing something like this too now, but maybe not on the same scale - perhaps i will make an envelope every now and then. thanks for doing this!

    and i can't wait to see what your next project will be :)

    1. This was my original blog that I was going to delete but as I've decided to try and do some projects a month it was too difficult to keep it on my strawberry and buttercups blog all squashed to one day a week. I couldn't write about each items properly. I already feel my journal missed out of a proper read because of as the writing was too small and too much to look at. I think this one is a nicer project to do by creating your items but leaving them behind when it suited you. I ended up leaving most altogether but in different places, it could have resulted in the same people finding them. If you do this I hope you enjoy it and thanks for popping by :)

  2. I have been thinking about doing something like this myself, as I think it is a great idea and I do love the envelopes you create

    1. I hope that you enjoy it. I think I would have found it much easir to do if I hadn't wanted to photograph where I was leaving it. I could have just slipped the envelope and moved on. In shopping centres I was wary of getting told off as I know many places won't allow it. Thankfully I was ok :)

  3. Your envelopes look amazing! :D I love doing things like this, but I always feel a little uncomfortable when I'm being seen, hehe.

    1. Well I started off like that, it was making my stomach hurt due to the anxiety of being seen but by the end I was wary but a little reckless then before. I'm sure you would end up doing the same.


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