Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Project: Washi Tape

Last month on someones blog they posted a link to a video on You Tube on how to make your own washi tape. At that time I owned 2 rolls so I decided it would be fun to make my own to try out.
I saw one video where the lady used masking tape to create her tape strips. I tried this one first by sticking the tape to accetate and then decorating it. I used rubber stamps, shape punches and my pro markers to decorate it.

It all looked great on my acetate but when I peeled it away I didn't like the texture but also the ones I used the shape punched shapes on they all fell off when I peeled it away. So that was such a waste of time. Still you may have noticed I used them on my Project: Inspiration envelopes.

This one I wouldn't recommend at all.
. photo
My second attempt was this weekend. I created these washi tapes by sticking tissue paper (I only had pink) to double sided tape and cutting off what wasn't needed.

I then used my pro markers (cupcake), distress ink (leaves) and pigment inks (flowers) on each strip. My favourite has to be the distress ink as it seems to have a really nice soft effect to it.

These felt so much nicer and didn't get any wrinkly bits in it. Due to the double sided tape it ended up thicker and much easier to manage then the masking tape.

This one I would recommend if you want to try it.

The last one I did see but refused to buy incase it didn't work is tape that you use for First Aid, the translucent type. I'm wondering if the surface may still be too shiny as with the tissue I ended up using the rough side. You maybe willing to try it.

Since then I have bought some washi tape but I'm still tempted to occasionally make my own for a more unique design and style.

Have you ever made your own washi tape?


  1. Yess! I made them! And I will make more soon!

  2. nope i didn't know what it was till i read this post how creative

    1. Becca its a huge craze at the moment and I've posted some on my blog but its not a good idea to look as they are so addictive as the designs are cute.

  3. I used stamps on it! And I want to start with paper soon too!

  4. Replies
    1. Sorry I didn't make myself clear, I meant in the sense of tape or tissue. I had a look at your blog and loved the stamp you used. It would look fantastic embossed with that stamp but I don't have the kit myself.

  5. I remember the post on the other blog about this but haven't tried to make it myself

  6. Jo-Anne, have a try its nice to have something different to use and its a fun way to wrap presents etc...


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