Sunday, 5 August 2012

Keri Smith 100 ideas~86. Write an entry in code~

After weeks of talking about it I finally got around to starting my Keri Smith 100 ideas journal. As I mentioned I wanted to do as much of it in notebook form as I can so that I'm able to have it there in my hand to see. I couldn't take to my last journal at all and since my niece had told me she wanted a new notebook to mark make in I decided to let her have it. I've now ended up with this one.
My sister bought me a #journal #gift #floral #black #cream
Its simple and the pages are great quality so it makes it all that much nicer to write in. I actually wanted this notebook from Wilkinsons but our local store didn't have it and I thought it was too much just to set up an account and make an order for one book even though it has quite a few of my loves on the front.
I started by decided on what exactly each letter/number should be in the easiest way possible as I'd have to draw quite a lot of the letters a few times. For some of them it was actually really hard. Of course I could think of animals but eventually they would have all looked the same. I'd already regretted the milk one as I couldn't for the life of me draw that properly when the time came.

Here's what it eventually looked like....
Maybe you'd like to try and crack it as quite a few of the words are the same. It actually felt like writing a foreign language in picture form and it was easy to pick up. Its just a shame that my pictures ended up quite untidy towards the end.

Did you ever end up writing secret messages as children?


  1. Awe, what you've done looks cute!

    1. Thanks, I never like my writing so the same ended up here but its one of the reasons why I didn't want a spiral bound book, it makes me accept the mistakes with not being able to tear pages out.


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