Thursday, 2 August 2012

Project: Notebook

I decided to finally alter this notebook but it's not working out so its now a notebook for my niece
I went in search of a notebook last month to take part in the Kerri Smith 100 idea's that I've seen on quite a few blogs but I discovered around the time I came across her Wreck This Journal. I wanted a notebook that wasn't spiral bound which proved to be difficult as I couldn't find one.

On the way back to my car I decided to pop into one last shop and I found this journal which was so me so I bought it. It was covering in a plastic wallet so I assumed the writing was a sheet of paper put in as that is often the case, not this time though it was actually printed on the book. I thought to take it back but then decided it would be fun to alter even though I personally didn't have any ideas then and people gave so many suggestions which were great.

It wasn't until last night when I couldn't go to sleep that I thought of this idea so as soon as I got up it was the first thing I did. Only problem is when I started sticking the tape down you could still see the writing underneath as washi tape is still quite translucent. I stuck an address label on but it was too thick for the thin washi tape so I peeled it off and tried correction tape. The correction tape showed through too so I had to go back to using a sticker which you can really notice despite all the tape. By this point I'd fallen out with this journal and have decided my nice can use it for her doodle as the pages are really nice quality too.

The reason I decided to do this style is that when you look at Kerri Smiths journals they are really basic and all the fun is inside. Also I didn't want to take your eye away completely from the background by doing something fussy which I am the queen of. I would have then got my rubber stamps out and stamped 100 ideas on to the actual tape.

Do you also find it a pain to find exactly what you want sometimes or are you lucky enough to find exactly what you need?

Back much much later with a second attempt
I've had another try, something feels like its missing but I'll work that out later. #journal #stamps #immigration #washitapes #tickets #kerrismith #100ideas
I think its got something missing but I'm not sure quite just what yet. Still at least the label is no longer obvious. Now it can be the 100 ideas travelling journal that it is meant to be even though my niece told me today she needs a new notebook because her other one has finished.

Which one do you like best?


  1. What an awesome journal, Bubbles! Love it! :D

    Have an awesome weekend! ;D


  2. Thank you Miki and glad you liked it :)

  3. I like what you did with it I think the stickers look ok, not great but ok I wouldn't turn my nose up at

  4. awesome journal and yep sometimes i just can't find that right item


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