Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kerri Smith 100 ideas ~layers~

photo photo
I decided to create a flat entry of layers, I used 5 different designs in paper, 2 different tapes to layer on top of it. My rubber stamp border, Russain doll and the layers on her. I then created a second doll as a tag to write on the back why I created that layered effect. If I'd thought of it earlier I could have turned the first doll into a card or pocket and wrote inside her. Its why I should sometimes think things through but I'm one to work on things as I they come to me when decorating.

Do you plan things before you start doing anything?


  1. I love the "matrioshkas" (have no idea if I spell it correctly :)

    1. Don't worry I struggle to spell matryoshka too which is why I prefer to use Russain Doll, its just a shame most people use matryoshka though as then I have to look it up and make sure I'm selling it right.


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