Friday, 17 August 2012

Kerri Smith 100 ideas~A map~

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Yesterday my mum needed a bill paying at the bank. As someone has stolen my wing mirror I didn't want to take my car. My younger brother was going that way anyway so he dropped me off and I decided to walk my way home as it was such a lovely day.

I got out at the traffic lights when the lights were red and walked to the bank. Once there I noticed the European Market was on selling bits and bobs, I actually thought it was mean of the council to organise it this weekend and not next as people won't be fasting and those that want to try the selection of food could. Theres no point in buying it before hand to eat after fast as you really can not eat all that much when the time eventually comes. I mostly did window shopping and then made my way home....

To sit outside and watch my niece play with her friends.

I had originally drawn all the buildings using a ruler but decided it should be free hand as maps are quite messy (like treasure maps) and then got my distress inks out to make the page a little old looking. Only downside is if I thought about it earlier I could have scrunched the page before sticking it down.

I'm so glad I did this in journal form as I've done a couple of pages now and its really nice to see it all come together :)... its just a shame its not so easy to see exactly what I've done in the photos.

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